7 Things We Learned From Candace Cameron Bure's Food and Fitness Journal

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Candace Cameron Bure is fit and fabulous, and encourages you to be, too!

The Fuller House star, 40, has been documenting her food and fitness journey over the past few months and shared the details from her personal diary with Cosmopolitan.com. The actress has been working with celebrity fitness trainer Kira Stokes, who pushes her to the limit daily with exercises that can be executed almost anywhere (some don't even require equipment). Now, ET's breaking down all the interesting facts we learned from Bure's healthy living tell-all.

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"Like most women, I fuss about a few things I wish I could change. [But] I am at my best weight and fitness level considering my lifestyle."

Candace Cameron Bure

1. Pack snacks high in protein.

Bure's diet is mostly vegan -- "with the exception of egg whites, the occasional piece of fish, and situations where there are no vegan options" -- so she gets her protein from snacking on foods like nuts, seeds, beans and quinoa.

During day No. 1 of her journal, Bure got her protein fix with a Shakeology shake, which was made with half a banana and almond milk. "No workout today, but the day definitely called for coffee, so I drank a cup of it with almond milk," she added.

2. Always stay hydrated.

While on a six-hour flight, Bure took note of how important it is to fuel your body with water. "When I fly, I always drink a ton of water -- no alcohol -- and limit my food intake, which makes me feel best when I land," she explained. "Otherwise, my body reacts to salty food and alcohol by puffing up immediately."

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3. Mix up your salads.

Eating a salad every day can get boring, so Bure advises to switch it up! "Today, [I ordered] a kale salad with edamame, quinoa, and veggies, dressed with lemon and olive oil from Juice Press," she shared on day No. 2. "I almost always order a salad, just mix it up with different restaurants and ingredients -- sometimes sweet potatoes and steamed vegetables."

4. Fuel your workout with protein.

Before hitting the gym, it's important to give your body the energy it needs to burn off calories in order to obtain the best results. "Before my workout, I ate about 3 tablespoons of Sabra hummus with raw veggies," Bure shared in a journal post from day No. 3. "The hummus is a guesstimate -- I don't actually measure any of my food."

She also loves snacking on protein bars! During her time on Dancing With the Stars, Bure even encouraged her partner, Mark Ballas, to follow in her footsteps. "Energy & satisfies my sweet tooth = winner!" she captioned a pic of the two indulging on USANA bars in Fudge Delite and Peanutty Bliss.

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5. Mix cardio with strength-training.

"I typically work out on my own for an hour at least five days a week, depending on my travel schedule, but when I work out with Kira, sessions can run up to two hours," Bure revealed. "She always incorporates a unique combination of functional movements, resistance training, and cardiovascular conditioning, using free weights, body weight, gliders, and portable equipment like jump rope, resistance bands, BOSU, and weighted balls."

6. Delete dairy from your diet -- but don't deprive yourself!

Bure says that avoiding dairy has helped cure her irritable stomach issues and chronic congestion and cough, while also reducing her face and body puffiness. If you're a coffee drinker, switch out milk for almond milk -- that's how Bure prefers her lattes.

While she mostly sticks to a strict diet, the actress enjoys the occasional sweet treat. Get that donut on Donut Day, girl!

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7. You can work out anywhere.

With a schedule as busy as Bure's, it can be hard to find time to physically get to the gym. That's why the fit star -- who frequently travels as part of her job -- loves discovering workouts that she can do anywhere, like jump roping and squats.

"[Kira] teaches me new moves I can do anywhere, with or without equipment, as long as I have a little space," Bure revealed.

In addition to her journal, Bure frequently shares pics of her food and workouts over Instagram. She recently participated in a 5K run with her family.

When she wants wine, she makes herself work for it!

Squat jumps? No problem.

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See her demonstrate more exercises, like planks, burpees and handstands, below.

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