Meghan King Edmonds Shows Off Baby Bump in a Bikini -- See the Pic!


Just days after announcing her pregnancy, Meghan King Edmonds gave us another look at her growing baby bump -- this time while wearing a tiny black bikini!

In the cute summer shot shared to Instagram on Friday, the Real Housewives of Orange County star is seen cradling her barely-there bump while posing next to her sister Caitlin, who was rocking washboard abs.

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"It's like looking at a before and after photo in real life!" Edmonds captioned the sweet snap.

Edmonds revealed she was pregnant earlier this week, sharing, "We're expecting a perfect little bundle of sugar and spice and everything nice! Jimmy and I are over the moon! We are thrilled to bring our daughter into tour perfectly imperfect blended family in time for the holidays!"

The pregnancy has been a huge blessing for the 31-year-old reality TV star, and her husband, former MLB pro Jim Edmonds, as their struggle to conceive through IVF was featured on Real Housewives.

Edmonds opened up to ET about her IVF journey shortly before making her pregnancy announcement. "You know, IVF is really, really difficult emotionally, physically, and I like to think of IVF as not having an end, but really just having a next step," she shared. "After going through this fertility journey, I have realized that there are so many other women out there who are going through fertility issues on their own, and it’s been great to kind of talk about it and have that dialogue, because it's not an easy journey."

The excited mom to be joined The Real Housewives of Orange County during the show's 10th season. Season 11 premiered June 20 on Bravo.

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Find out more about Edmonds' IVF struggles and pregnancy in the video below.

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