Amber Rose's Son Sebastian Weighs In on Her Makeover: 'You Look Like a Monster'


After unveiling her new Marilyn Monroe-inspired bob earlier this week, Amber Rose has gotten the ultimate feedback from her three-year-old son, Sebastian.

"You look like a monster," Sebastian tells Amber in an Instagram video.

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"I look like a monster with hair?" Amber asks.

"Yes," Sebastian answers.

"You don't like Mommy with hair?" Amber asks, questioning if the toddler prefers her usual buzz cut.

"I like you with hair," Sebastian clarifies ... sort of.

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In the caption, Amber suggests that the critique was meant to be a compliment.

"He loves monsters," she wrote.

The 32-year-old model looks almost unrecognizable in her new look, which appears to be for her new late-night VH1 show, The Amber Rose Show, which airs on Friday nights.