Sigourney Weaver and the 'Aliens' Cast Reunite at Comic-Con -- Now, What About That Sequel?

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Somehow, an entire Aliens reunion passed without someone forcing Sigourney Weaver to yell, "Get away from her, you b**ch!"

The actress, who iconically portrayed Ripley, joined co-stars Bill Paxton (Private Hudson), Lance Henriksen (Bishop), Michael Biehn (Corporal Hicks), Paul Reiser (Burke), and even Newt herself, Carrie Henn, to celebrate the 30-year anniversary of the film at Comic-Con. Naturally, the conversation eventually turned to a sequel.

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"There is an incredible script," Weaver confirmed of the next installment, written by Neill Blomkamp.

The 66-year-old actress said that while shooting Chappie, they started talking "about how the series left Ripley," admitting, "I had not wanted to do a fifth one -- I didn't want to go to earth. I thought going to earth was a little boring."

"That whole first day we spent talking about it, and four months later, I got a script that was so amazing and gives the fans everything they are looking for, plus innovates in a lot of ways that immediately, to me, became a part of the world," Weaver revealed.

As for the latest status? "He has work to do. I have work to do," she teased, optimistically. "But I'm hoping when we finish those jobs, we'll circle around and do it."

Before that update, the cast -- along with director James Cameron and producer Gale Anne Hurd -- reminisced about shooting the film and shared a few hilarious anecdotes.

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"I always that we believe the alien queen was real because Sigourney made us believe she was," Cameron told Hall H, to which Weaver interjected, "It wasn't real? Now you tell me!"

The director explained that the alien puppet was wired down and operated by a number of crewmembers. "Sigourney didn't want to know about any of that stuff, because she wanted it to be real in her mind," he said. "You know it was rubber, right?”

"I'm convinced she is out roaming about this world, hungry and angry," Weaver replied, before turning to the audience. "And you should all watch out."

One of the most pleasant surprises during the panel was an appearance by Henn, who was only 9-years-old when the movie was filmed. She has never starred in another movie and is now a fourth grade teacher.

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"There are some times that my students come and say, 'My parents let me watch Aliens this weekend,' and I'm thinking, 'Oh, what are you thinking?!'" she said. "And around Christmas or their dad's birthday, sometimes they'll pull out the DVD and say, 'Can you sign this?’"

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Henn's father was in the Air Force, so she was living in England when the movie was being cast, where she was discovered in her school's cafeteria. When she first met Weaver for an audition, Henn said, "I was like, 'Oh my gosh, Ghostbusters! This is so amazing!'"

Less amazing was one scene Cameron recalled where Henn had to be covered in goo. "In a slight British accent, she says, 'You know, it should be illegal for you to do this to little kids,'” he recalled. Thirty years later, he offered an apology.

"Permanent trauma, yes or no?" Cameron asked, to which she smiled and replied, "No."

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