Dr. Dre Detained and Searched But Not Arrested in Road Rage Incident

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The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department confirms to ET that they responded to a call at Dr. Dre's Malibu residence on Monday after a motorist alleged the music mogul threatened him.

According to police, a motorist stopped in front of a residence on the Pacific Coast Highway when a male at the residence (identified as Andre "Dr. Dre" Young) pulled up to the driveway and asked the motorist to move.

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The motorist claimed that Dr. Dre threatened him with a handgun, leading police to detain the GRAMMY winner.

Dr. Dre denied all allegations regarding the firearm and was cooperative with investigating deputies, consenting to a search of his person. Police report that no weapon was found at the scene and that Dr. Dre was briefly detained in a patrol car during the investigation but not physically arrested or taken into custody by police.

The legendary music producer told police that after asking the motorist to move his vehicle from blocking his driveway, he pulled out a cellphone to film the person until he drove away.

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While Dr. Dre was not arrested by police, the motorist initiated a "private person's arrest" of Dr. Dre for misdemeanor brandishing a firearm.

"[Dr. Dre] received a citation in the field and was not transported to the station," the police report states.