Michael Phelps and Other Olympians Are All About Cupping and Now Kim Kardashian Wants to Try

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Get ready to see those purple circles on a bunch of celebrities' shoulders!

Cupping for the Gold!

With the 2016 Rio Games well underway, Olympic fans are noticing some peculiar, perfectly round purple spots adorning many of the world's best athletes' bodies.

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Team USA swimmers and gymnasts are particularly keen on the healing trend -- known as cupping -- including Olympic megastar Michael Phelps, who looks to almost be collecting more circles on his shoulders and back than he has won in gold medals!

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How the procedure works is by lighting a small fire within round glass cups. When the flame goes out, the cups are applied to sore parts of the body. The drop in temperature causes a suction effect that pulls at the skin and promotes blood flow -- leaving the round splotches, which can last a few days.

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It also seems you can apply the cups almost anywhere there is soreness, as this not-quite-NSFW pic Phelps shared last year very clearly shows.

Many athletes swear by the technique for pain relief, including Team USA gymnast Alex Naddour, who told USA Today, "It’s been better than any money I’ve spent on anything else."

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But it's not just athletes who are taking up the acupuncture technique.

On Monday, Kim Kardashian West posted a picture to Snapchat, declaring, "Trying cupping!"

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And let's not forget, that as with just about any alternative health trend, Gwyneth Paltrow has not only done it, but did so before it even became a thing. Case in point? The Oscar winner was seen with the spots at the NYC premiere of Anchorman -- in 2004.

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Putting us all to shame, as always, Gwyneth!

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Watch the video below for more of what's going on at the 2016 Games.