'Supergirl' and 'The Flash' to Stage a Musical Crossover Event This Season -- Get All the Details!

The CW

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's… a special musical crossover between Supergirl and The Flash!

Prepare to freak out because the Fastest Man Alive, the Girl of Steel and many more of The CWs musically inclined stars are stealing the spotlight later this season for an unprecedented two-episode event.

TV's powerhouse producer, Greg Berlanti -- who created all four of The CW's super series: Arrow, The Flash, DC's Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl -- announced the news of the multi-show musical at the summer Television Critics Association press tour on Thursday.

"So many times it’s a musical episode on the set in between cameras rolling!" Berlanti, who is a wildly passionate fan of musicals, revealed to reporters. The two-episode event will air on The CW during the back half of the year "around episode 13 and 14" of the two series.

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's leading lady, Melissa Benoist, and The Flash's titular hero, Grant Gustin, have previously shown off their powerful voices on Fox's musical series, Glee, and Berlanti is hopeful to have "as many characters as possible" take part.

"We haven't planned it all out yet and I'm sure the studio is looking at me like, 'How are we going to pay for all of this?'" the super showrunner said with a laugh. "But we are going to start combing through music and tallying up the possibilities. As a fan of both genres myself, and to have an opportunity with all the different individuals who have so much extraordinary talent, to not tap into it feels like we would have missed an opportunity."

In addition to Benoist and Grant's singing skills, there are many more CW superstars who have music-packed resumes including Supergirl's Jeremy Jordan, The Flash's Jesse L. Martin, Arrow's John Barrowman, and Legend of Tomorrow's Victor Garber.

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"Victor was pitching me some songs the other night at dinner," Berlanti said. "There's a lot of time travel in shows this year but there's only one time travel show this year where Victor Garber will be singing "Edelweiss" to a bunch of Nazis. That is happening."

So how will Berlanti explain the characters' sudden musical mood? "My sense is we will be very careful about how it is that they kind of break into song," he shared. "There will probably be an element to being in some character or characters' heads at the time, just so that we're being delicate in terms of how we navigate those waters."

But there is one CW actor who has already politely declined the offer to show off her pipes on the show again. "Danielle Panabaker has said, 'I don’t want to sing,'" Berlanti spilled. "She's sung on the show before and she made it very clear."

Press play on our exclusive video below to get the scoop on Supergirl and The Flash's very first crossover that happened earlier this year!