Chad Johnson's Disastrous 'Bachelor in Paradise' Debut -- What You Didn't See!

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Chad Johnson came and went quickly on Bachelor in Paradise, but
his debut was perhaps the most notorious in not just Bachelor Nation, but all
of reality TV history. Chad got very drunk, and according to the show,
defecated in his pants. This is something the infamous villain has denied on
social media (blaming editing, of course), but Johnson’s Bachelorette pal
and fellow BIP cast member, Daniel Maguire, says
the mess did indeed happen. 

When ET chatted with Maguire (aka ‘The Canadian’) on
Wednesday, he said he didn’t hear about Johnson’s issue in his
shorts until a few days after it happened. “I thought they were joking!” he shared. 

“[That night] was worse in person, because this was going on for
hours,” Maguire recalled. “It was pretty bad, you know, and people were getting kind of

Once workout buddies on The Bachelorette, Johnson and
Maguire now haven’t spoken since the show’s Men Tell Alltaping, when
they argued during commercial breaks. “I guess [Chad is] a little sensitive
sometimes,” he noted. “But if he wants to say hello I’m here.” Maguire said he doesn’t think Chad – whose mother died just months before he
went on The Bachelorette -- is at a good place in his life for reality
TV right now. Despite a plea to be the next Bachelor, Johnson told me it’s not

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So, who will take on the role?  Per the show’s
formula, it will be another of Maguire’s fellow contestants from JoJo
Fletcher’s season. Luke Pell and Chase McNary are in the running. “If I had a guess, it’s probably going to be Luke, because it looked like he really
got heartbroken,” he pointed out. “Everyone seems to love him.
He seems like a great guy, he’s just that typical ‘Bachelor dude.’ It’s like,
come on, you might as well put the TV on mute because it’s going to be boring,
to be honest. I’d rather watch Chad be the Bachelor than Luke!’

But back in Paradise, there’s plenty of drama left to be
seen. Josh Murray’s motives on the show have been questioned. “I
don’t know if I can trust [Josh] or not,” Maguire said. “I
don’t know what to believe.” Murray has quickly paired off with Amanda Stanton.
Maguire said their make-out sessions were just as obnoxious in person as they
seem on the show, but revealed that no one ever calls the two out on their PDA. “Everyone’s pretty laid back, everyone’s kind of holding it in,”
he added.

Another storyline: Evan Bass’ alleged medical emergency this week.
Fans (and Bass' love interest, Carly Waddell) wondered if he’d faked an illness
for attention. “It’s a smart move, kind of sneaky,” Maguire said. “He
used to work in the medical field, and so he’s comfortable being in hospitals
and ambulances and that sort of thing. So he’s probably like, why not – let’s

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