Chelsea Handler Gets Advice on Her Tinder Profile from the App's CEO Sean Rad

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Chelsea Handler could use a little help with her Tinder profile.

On Friday's episode of Handler's Netflix talk show, Chelsea, the 41-year-old comedian gets advice from Tinder CEO
Sean Rad.

Handler admitted that she hasn't updated her profile in a while, but she does really use Tinder — to hook up with people that she'll "never have to see again."

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Rad gave out some advice that every Tinder dater can use.

For starters, it's essential to "be yourself," on the app. "You want to let people know who you are," said Rad. "You'd be surprised how much people pick up in photos, and how much they pick up about your personality."

Given the many social media platforms -- Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, etc. -- that we all frequent, Rad stressed the importance of being authentic.

"Our minds are subconsciously picking up all these signals," he explained. "You want people to get a feeling of who you are, not necessarily what you look like."

It's also good to be honest about what it is that you're looking for (Handler, for example, doesn't want a relationship), always add key details to your profile, and pet lovers are a plus — which is good news for Handler because she loves her dog Chunk!

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Rad's tips can't guarantee Tinder success, but with 11 billion connections worldwide, you’re bound to meet at least one person worthy of a right swipe.

Aside from online dating, Handler has tackled religion and politics on her show, along with welcoming many celebrity guests.

Watch her interview with Robin Williams' daughter, Zelda, in the video below.