Robert De Niro Isn't Fazed by Jimmy Fallon's Impression of Him


The actor didn't seem impressed or upset by Fallon's impression of him on 'The Tonight Show.'

You talking to him? Robert De Niro has gotten so used to people imitating his signature accent that he barely bats an eyelash anymore.

On Monday night, the Hands of Stone actor, who just celebrated his 73rd birthday, appeared on The Tonight Show where host Jimmy Fallon couldn’t resist the urge to copy De Niro’s New York accent.

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The Saturday Night Live alum pulled out his impression – raised eyebrows and all – when talking about De Niro accepting the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Sarajevo Film Festival. De Niro noted that he turned the honor into a vacation with two of his sons by renting a yacht.

“Pretty big boat,” Fallon said, doing the impression. “Pretty big, pretty big.”

De Niro barely even acknowledged the impression, and simply smiled and moved forward with the conversation.

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Fallon certainly isn’t the first or last star to emulate the Oscar winner. Many actors including Dave Franco, Tom Hiddleston, Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin and Paul Rudd have all publicly attempted to copy De Niro’s infamous voice.