Kim Zolciak's Husband Kroy Biermann Cut From the Buffalo Bills Two Weeks After Signing With Team

Zolciak showed off a room full of coats she had purchased for Buffalo just hours before her husband was cut.

Looks like Kroy Biermann is out of a job.

The 30-year-old linebacker was cut from the Buffalo Bills, just two weeks after signing with the team.

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The Buffalo Bills cut a total of 21 players before the team's scheduled afternoon practice on Friday. "Cut day is a tough day, but it's also an exciting day," said Rex Ryan, the team's head coach. "Preseason is over and now we look towards Baltimore."

While Beirmann has yet to speak out on the team's decision, his wife and former Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Kim Zolciak, took to Instagram Friday evening to share a sweet message of support.

"Too bad everyone in the world doesn't have the ❤of a child!" she wrote alongside an adorable pic of son Kash, 4, giving his dad a huge hug. "#WhenYouFollowYour❤ #YouAreAlwaysRight #WeLoveYouDaddy," she added.

Earlier in the day, Zolciak boasted about all the coats she had recently bought for her planned trips to Buffalo, New York, on Snapchat.

"We're so excited, daddy's coming home tonight!" the 38-year-old reality star announced in several snaps before showing off the makeshift coat closet she had set up in her bathroom.

"You guys, I'm over here like getting ready for Buffalo!" she happily exclaimed in another snap, displaying her rack of coats. "This big old fluffy jacket…It's all pink fur inside. Love this jacket!"


"I always buy a lot of jackets, but then I never, ever wear them. But this year I feel like I'll be able to wear them!" Zolciak explained. "This is one of my favorite Dior jackets, I have my long-ass denim jacket, I have my big poofy warm jacket…"


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"I'm actually going to take this jacket and make it a dress," she continued. "I have this camel color Michael Kors!"


"I've really taken over the bathroom since Kroy's been gone, and I literally have just racks and boxes of clothes," the mother of six excitedly bragged.


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Two weeks earlier, Zolciak opened up to The Daily Dish on Kroy's big move to Buffalo.

"Today has been quite an emotional day for me and our children and my husband. So excited to sign with Buffalo," she said. "My family's actually from there… The fan base in Buffalo is like no other and the coaches and team is incredible, so I know that my husband is super excited to join the family."

"I am super excited for him, but I've never been without Kroy for more than two days, aside from his trip to London a couple years ago, and our kids are not used to being without him either," she added of the former Atlanta Falcons player. "I think I've cried probably out of the last 24 hours, probably 23 and a half… but there's nothing that we can't get through… So I will see you guys in Buffalo."

Zolciak's new jackets aren't the only new purchase she has been showing off lately. Just last week, the Don't Be Tardy star boasted about the new, 11-carat diamond ring Biermann gifted her for their fifth wedding anniversary.

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