EXCLUSIVE: Evan Bass Is Ready to Marry Carly Waddell on 'Bachelor in Paradise' Finale

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Evan Bass and Carly Waddell are the quirky pairing that surprised everyone on Bachelor in Paradise, but it looks like they’re ready to go all the way! ET spoke with Bass in Mexico right before the taping of the season finale of BIP, and he gushed to us about his love for Waddell.

“I want to marry that girl for sure,” he said. “I see a life with her forever and she's amazing.” Bass said he and Waddell had even spoken at length about her meeting his sons after the show ended. “She's going to meet the boys and they're going to love her,” he said. “And she's going to love them. She's really nervous about meeting the boys, and I think she's going to be fine. She's kind of in that phase of life where she's ready to settle down and obviously I'm there, so it's really working out so perfectly.”

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Bass and Waddell started out as, frankly, an awkward duo. Their first kiss took place as part of a setup in which both had just eaten hot peppers, and it was so bad, Waddell actually vomited afterwards.

But after Bass’ possible medical emergency on the show (watch the video below), things changed. “You have to fake your own death sometimes to get the girl,” Bass said with a laugh. “That was a turning point in our relationship and we were able to just have some time away from everything and she just kind of got me. We had this amazing moment in a Mexican hospital and ever since then it’s been off to the races.”

It’s definitely the pair’s mutual oddity that makes the relationship work. “I'm a little offbeat and different,” he says. “And she accepts me and loves me.”

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Still, as confident as Bass is in their love, he had some doubts about proposing on the finale. “When you go from being together to engaged, it's like a whole [other] level,” he said. But, a source tells ET the pair did, in fact, get engaged – and that they’re still engaged now after heading home from Mexico this summer. See how it all goes down Tuesday night on the BIP season finale on ABC.