Sharon Osbourne Doesn't Think Donald Trump Wants to Be President, Feels Sorry for Melania Trump

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She may have worked with Donald Trump on Celebrity Apprentice, but Sharon Osbourne doesn’t think the business tycoon is ready to rule the free world. On Monday, The Talk co-host appeared on Conan,where the topic of the recent presidential debate came up.

“He gives you so much to talk about and so much to laugh about,” the British TV personality told host Conan O’Brien of Trump.

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But she isn’t worried about the potential of a Trump presidency.

“Even if he gets it, they’ll have his a** out of there before Christmas,” she said.

“I don’t think you understand how our system works,” O’Brien quipped.

After confirming that she is not, in fact, a Trump supporter, Osbourne noted that she doesn’t think the former reality TV star actually wants the job of commander in chief.

“I think he thought to himself, ‘You know what, it can only help my brand,’” she mused. “’It can only help me.’ And then because he makes everyone laugh, he’s here. I don’t think he wants to do it.”

Osbourne does, however, have sympathy for Donald’s wife, Melania Trump.

“This poor girl, lovely girl, gets stuck with him. Suddenly they want to know who her parents are, where she was born, did she get a college degree?” Osbourne explained. “This girl didn’t sign up for that s**t. She just wants to walk around with her Hermes bag and as much makeup on the face as she can get on, you know, t*ts and a**.”

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This isn’t the first time Osbourne has spoken out about her Celebrity Apprentice boss. In September 2015, she visited Conan during the Republican debates, where she joked about The Donald.

“Working with him he was an absolute gentleman, very respectful, very nice,” she said sincerely. “When you watch him on the debates, it just reminds me of a three-hour episode of The Apprentice.”

For more from the first presidential debate, watch the video below!

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