EXCLUSIVE: Natasha Bure Reveals Mom Candace Cameron's Advice Before Performing on 'The Voice,' Gushes About Ad

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Natasha Bure made her big debut on The Voice on Monday night, when she charmed coach Adam Levine, who quickly turned his chair for her.

ET spoke with the 18-year-old daughter of Fuller House actress Candace Cameron Bure and former Russian hockey player Valeri Bure on Tuesday, when she revealed the advice she got from her famous mama before her first performance.

"She was like, 'Be yourself, be who you are, and do the best you can,'" Natasha shares with ET's Sophie Schillaci. "And I think that would be any mom's advice, you know -- good old be yourself."

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Of course, Natasha says she's learned plenty from 40-year-old Candace, specifically when it comes to growing up in the spotlight.

"I have learned a lot by watching her more than her telling me," Natasha explains. "I think she is a great example of young women who are in the industry, and she worked since she was five years old, and now she is a grown woman and has a family and is just doing amazing for herself. And she didn't fall off the wagon like a lot of other child stars have, which is a great testament to who she is."

"But a lot of the advice is just to work hard and be humble," she continues. "I think she’s definitely worked her hardest, and stood her ground and given the glory to God and stayed by her family, so I think that’s something she’s more shown me, than maybe told me."

Natasha admits she was definitely nervous before her blind audition, when she sang a soulful rendition of the Elvis classic, "Can't Help Falling In Love."

"I did not handle [pre-show nerves] well," Natasha admits. "I was just ... I am an 18 year-old girl -- I am very emotional."

Natasha recalls not being able to contain her emotions when she saw her mother walking to where the families watch the auditions on The Voice.

"I was trying to calm myself and let those nerves go away, and I was pretty much good, and then I was waiting to go on -- they said, 'Five minutes before you go on,' and I turned around and I saw my mom walking to where the families wait and watch the audition," she reveals. "I wish I never saw her, like, walk past me. I was balling, I was crying. I was so nervous. I mean it was good. It all ended up well in the end."

Natasha ended up getting picked by Adam Levine, and she couldn't be happier.

"I was really hoping he would turn for me. It was very surreal," Natasha says. "Adam's great. He's so nice, he's very straightforward. He's given me a lot of tips about just being in the zone and staying [there], having the mind set of just going out there and singing, and singing with emotion and passion."

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"I think sometimes I tend to get in my head because of my nerves, and so that's something we've definitely focused on moving forward," she adds. "And all of his advice has been really great."

Watch the video below for more on Natasha's debut on The Voice!