John Legend Performs New Single, Dishes on Whether or Not Baby Luna Has His Musical Talents

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The 'Love Me Now' singer debuted his new track on Facebook Live and answered personal questions from fans.

John Legend shared a treat with fans on Thursday when he premiered his new single, "Love Me Now," on Facebook Live and took questions from fans about his life as a musician, husband and father.

After playing the emotional ballad on the grand piano in his home studio, the 37-year-old GRAMMY winner opened up about the influence his family has had on his music, and how his wife, Chrissy Teigen, and their 5-month-old daughter, Luna, inspire his songwriting.

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"Well, I wrote a song for Luna, it's called ‘Right By You,'" Legend shared. "I think as you grow and you’re writing honestly and telling your truth, then whatever new experiences you have will affect how you write. So I’m definitely affected by being a dad and you’ll hear that on the new album."

His new album, Darkness & Light, which is due out later this year, will include "Love Me Now" and feature Chance the Rapper, Brittany Howard from Alabama Shakes, and a number of other celebrated artists.

The singer also dished on how he balances life as a father and musical artist, explaining that it's "a challenge for anybody."

"If you’re working and a husband and a father, you just have to figure it out, and you have to know that your first priority is your family and the people you love," he said. "You also have to work, you also have to pay the bills, you have to do other things you love as well. So you just figure it out."

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"I have a good team around me. I can delegate the things that I don’t need to be at, and when I do need to be there, hopefully I can bring Luna and Chrissy for a lot of that too," he added. "So we’ll just try to be together as much as possible."

As for the best moment in his life so far, Legend said it's a close tie between "getting married to Chrissy and then us having a child together." (In terms of his professional life, he admitted that winning a Best Original Song Oscar for 2014’s "Glory" was also a pretty great memory!)

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The happy couple welcomed baby Luna back in April, and since then they've showered her with love and attention. Legend recently shared a video of himself playing "O Tannenbaum" over and over for his little girl just to make her smile.

So has any of his musical talent rubbed off on his daughter? "It’s definitely too soon to tell," Legend conceded, "but I’m definitely going to act like I already know that she’s going to be a great musician."

Legend and Teigen recently celebrated their third wedding anniversary, and the adorable couple took to Snapchat to commemorate the occasion. Check out the video below to see what the lovebirds had to say on their special day.