Donald Trump Supporter Calls Hillary Clinton a Hypocrite for Liking Beyonce and the Beyhive Attacks

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Please don't drag Beyonce into this mess...

Donald Trump supporter and former Lt. Governor of New York Betsy McCaughey earned the ire of Beyonce fans after remarks she made to CNN's Don Lemon likening Trump's remarks in a leaked 2005 conversation to lyrics on Beyonce's "Formation."

In the leaked audio, Trump makes disparaging remarks about women, including ET's Nancy O'Dell, to then-Access Hollywood host Billy Bush before bragging about being able to sexually assault women due to his celebrity status.

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"I abhor lewd, and bawdy language, I don't listen to rap music, I don't like that kind of thing," McCaughey explained during a panel discussion, clarifying, "I mentioned rap music because it's full of the 'F-word,' the 'P-word,' the 'B-word,' the 'A-word...'"

"I don't think anybody likes that, but those people are not running for president," Lemon points out.

At that point, McCaughey attempted to call out Hillary Clinton's condemnation of Trump's remarks as being hypocritical since Clinton has previously praised Beyonce’s Lemonade.

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Clinton expresses that she finds language on that bus horrific, but in fact, she likes language like this, quote: 'I came to slay, b**ch, when he eff me good, I take his ass to Red Lobster," McCaughey said. "That happens to be a line from Beyonce, her favorite performer, whom she says she idolizes, and would like to imitate."

Pretty quickly, the Beyhive caught wind of what McCaughey had said (which you can watch below).

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It didn't take long for Beyonce’s loyal fans to descend on McCaughey’s social media accounts, flooding her comments with pictures of bees, and lampooning her in Tweets.

Putting aside that this campaign has already sunk about as low as it can go, and that casually referring to Beyonce -- one of the biggest pop stars in the world, whose 2016 visual album Lemonade was an expansive, genre-bending creation in its own right -- as just "rap music" is reductive and even arguably problematic, McCaughey HAD to know what is quickly becoming the golden rule of the Internet -- do NOT mess with Beyonce, or the Beyhive will be out in full force.

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Meanwhile, though Trump has repeatedly defended his vulgar 2005 comments as "locker room talk," The Daily Show recently re-surfaced an old Celebrity Apprentice clip of the where the Republican presidential candidate fires a female contestant for engaging in what he explicitly refers to as "locker room" talk.

Watch the video below for more.

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