EXCLUSIVE: Bella Thorne Is Trying to Get Boyfriend Tyler Posey on Social Media More: 'It's a Little Bit of Tea


Bella Thorne is all about her "baby."

While the 19-year-old actress has so far kept her affection for boyfriend Tyler Posey contained to Man Crush Monday posts on Instagram, she just can't help but gush about her love for him -- or social media.

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"I'm like an open book," she told ET on Monday about her social media practices.  "But that's what I think that my fans enjoy about me the most, is that they feel like they really know me. And they do, they really f**king know me."

As for whether or not she's "crossed the line when it comes to social media TMI? "I don't know," she said. "I guess I haven't learned the line 'too far' yet."

Thorne isn't kidding. The Famously In Love star's posts include everything from "pooping selfies" to piercings -- and a racy bikini shot of herself straddling Posey, 24. 

"He doesn't [post] a lot on social media so it's been… that's like the only thing that's been interesting is [that] I'm so about the socials and he isn't," she confessed before adding that she's trying to get the Teen Wolf star more involved. "It's a little bit of like, teaching and learning and pushing and pulling."

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Although the two do seem to agree on one thing…

"I was on Snapchat the other day and I did this Snapchat talking about farting, and I literally go on baby's Snapchat and he literally has a snap where he farts on the camera -- it's so funny," she revealed. "I was like, 'Oh my God, me and my baby.' We're the same person."

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While Thorne and her "baby" have tried to keep their relationship purely contained to social media, there was no stopping the PDA during an outing in Studio City, California, last week.

See more in the video below.

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