Ben Affleck Implores New Hampshire Citizens to Vote by Doing His Best New England Accent

Funny Or Die

Ben Affleck has a lot of love for Boston's "kid brother" state, New Hampshire.

In a new Funny or Die video, the Massachusetts native reprises his New England accent that fans may remember from Good Will Hunting in an effort to convince New Hampshire residents to get out and vote on Nov. 8. New Hampshire has four electoral votes and is considered a key state in this year's election.

"New Hampshire is wicked f**king important in presidential politics,” Affleck implores. "If you give a sh*t about women’s rights, if you care about keeping environment safe for future generations, ever hear of it? You care about people getting to piss in the f**king bathroom of their choice? Then guess who’s got your back in this election? That’s right: My basically home state New Hampshire.”

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"Seeing how this election is a bigger disaster than the New York Knicks, the people from New Hampshire are going to have to register to vote," he adds. "Otherwise this whole damn nation is going to be cursed."

Reverting back to his normal voice, the 44-year-old actor -- a huge New England Patriots fan -- is adamant about not mentioning curses ...ever.

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Affleck isn't the only celebrity encouraging people to vote. Meghan Trainor told ET that she can't wait to participate in the democratic process. "I wanted to learn more about both parties and it's one of the biggest elections of all time," she explained. "It's such a big deal and I figured it out, and I am ready. I'm ready to vote."

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