EXCLUSIVE: Eden Wood Reveals Worst Part of 'Toddlers & Tiaras,' Wants to Be the Next Taylor Swift

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It's been five years since Eden Wood competed in her last pageant, but she's still Toddlers & Tiaras royalty.

The 11-year-old is set to make her big return to the TLC show on Wednesday, but this time she'll be judging the competition. ET caught up with the pint-sized star at her home in Arkansas, where she revealed just how much has changed since her pageant days.

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"The things that I loved most was just getting on stage and performing, and showing everybody what I can do," Eden recalls. "It was such a great experience that led into all this other stuff that I've done."

While she has fond memories of dominating the pageant circuit, she says there's one part she can do without.

"I hated the hairspray," she reveals. "Now it's not that bad because I'm used to it, but the hairspray they used, it always seemed to smell and my face seemed to get frozen."

"I stopped [doing pageants] because I just gradually felt like I didn't want to do that anymore. It was just getting old and I didn't feel like going through the hairspray," she adds of why she hung up her crown five years ago. "I wanted to do something different and go on with something else."

The former beauty queen, who was homeschooled to accommodate her pageant schedule, is now a sixth-grade cheerleader with dreams of being the next Taylor Swift -- but she hasn't closed the door on returning to pageants just yet.

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"I know that I'm going to do pageants when I’m older because that'll just be fun. But I have bought some dresses, and maybe I'll wear 'em in a pageant," she teases. "Maybe, just maybe."

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