Amy Adams Says Dying Her Hair Red Changed Everything: 'People Started Looking at Me in a Different Way'

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A little hair dye goes a long way!

Amy Adams explained how changing her hair color affected her career during a New York Times-hosted TimesTalks event on Wednesday.

"Based on roles that I was getting, called in for, people were responding to certain types of characters with me as a blonde and the minute I went red, it was quirky and fun instead of flirtatious and dumb," the 42-year-old actress revealed to the audience at New York City's Merkin Concert Hall.

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The two-time Golden Globe winner went from blonde to a red-head for the short-lived 2004 TV drama, Dr. Vegas, starring Rob Lowe.

"It was great, I liked that. But in all seriousness, it's just hair color," Adams pointed out. "It was really fascinating to see just one element of yourself change people’s perception and that became a very powerful tool for me even in my acting."

"If you can change one very small thing and create an entirely different perception to the outside world based on one thing, and that was actually an important lesson for me to learn, I didn't quite get that before then," she continued.

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As a five-time Oscar nominee, fellow actors can learn a lot from Adams, but the Arrival star admitted that she's not very skilled at teaching her 6-year-old daughter, Aviana, how to read.

"Ultimately, I'm not the best teacher for her," Adams told ET's Carly Steel during a recent sit-down. "I want for her so bad. She can feel my anxiety and I have to remember to calm down and that she'll get it in her own time, but we have fun with it. We laugh a lot."

See more on Adams' teaching adventure in the video below.

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