Amy Adams Participates in Singing Whisper Challenge With Jimmy Fallon


Amy Adams’ work playing a communications specialist in her new sci-fi thriller Arrival is paying off! On Thursday, the Oscar-nominated actress visited The Tonight Show, where she participated in a musical version of host Jimmy Fallon’s “Whisper Challenge” game.

Adams wore headphones blasting music while Fallon sang the lyrics to “Eye of the Tiger” and she attempted to guess what he was singing by reading his lips.

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“It’s the eye of the tiger, it’s the thrill of the fight,” Fallon sang to a confused-looking Adams.

“Something… for fashion?” Adams guessed as the audience laughed.

Fallon proved to be equally bad at the game when Adams sang, “Walk like an Egyptian.”

“Rolling like a chick machine?” the host guessed. When Adams laughed, he tried again, saying, “One day, chip machine?”

It wasn’t until she showed off some dance moves that Fallon was finally able to guess the hit Bangles tune.

They finished on “I’ll Make Love to You,” which Adams quickly guessed even through Fallon’s giggling.

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Adams recently opened up to ET’s Carly Steel about her most important role of mom. She’s currently teaching her 6-year-old daughter to read.

"Ultimately, I'm not the best teacher for her," Adams told ET. "I want for her so bad. She can feel my anxiety and I have to remember to calm down and that she'll get it in her own time, but we have fun with it. We laugh a lot."

For more from ET’s interview, watch the clip below!