EXCLUSIVE: Mark Wahlberg Dishes on Why Thanksgiving Is His Favorite Holiday: 'For Me, It's the Most Important'

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Thanksgiving will always hold a special place in Mark Wahlberg's heart.

The 45-year old actor opened up about his favorite holiday and more during the Patriot’s Day AFI Fest screening in Los Angeles on Thursday.

"I don't want my wife to hear this but for me it's the most important holiday," the father of four told ET's Carly Steel. "It's just always been since I was very young and because of my troubled past, the one holiday that I missed was Thanksgiving. So for me, it's the most important."

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Although Wahlberg's wife, Rhea Durham, loves "all of the holidays," especially Christmas, the Boston native enjoys Thanksgiving because it reminds him of family spending time together.

"We just had a mini Thanksgiving last week in Boston with my mom and some of my brothers, so it was really nice getting everybody together," he revealed.

During the chat with Steel, Wahlberg also explained why growing out his hair for the upcoming fifth installment of the Transformers franchise is making him "very uncomfortable."

"It's a problem! Blowing around, it obstructs your view, I don't know how you guys do it," he said of rocking longer locks. "It's not quite long enough to just tie and I don't think I can rock the ponytail. My wife, joking around, put in a ponytail and my son came right around and ripped it out. He was not happy."

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Even if he’s not exactly enjoying the new look, Wahlberg had no problem congratulating his Pain & Gain co-star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on being named People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive for 2016.

Wahlberg has never received the honor (and he's totally fine with that), but said he’s "very proud" of the former professional wrestler.

"He's an amazing guy," gushed Wahlberg, who produces the HBO sports drama Ballers, starring Johnson.

"We're getting ready to start another season of Ballers," he explained, sharing more on Johnson's impressive work ethic. "He's just a machine, everything that he does, he's very deserving."

But it's not acting, or his good looks, that makes Johnson a standout in Hollywood, it's his heart.

"I would say, the thing I find most endearing about him is how sweet he is, how kind he is, how gracious he is," explained Wahlberg. "He's a humble guy and nobody works harder, so I'm very, very proud of him." You keep that for many years, we don't need that for me."

While fans may never get to see Wahlberg become the Sexiest Man Alive, he'll be taking on a more heroic role when Patriot's Day hits theaters on Dec. 21.

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