EXCLUSIVE: Jamie Foxx Talks Handling His Daughters' Dating Lives and Getting in Shape for 'Sleepless'

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There’s nothing Jamie Foxx wouldn’t do for his girls! The proud father of two spoke with ET’s Nischelle Turner about his protective streak and how he handles his daughters’ dating lives at the Sleepless junket on Wednesday.

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“When you see your kids, you’ll be like, ‘Oh I’ll do anything, like I’ll tear somebody’s head off if they messed with them,’” he said of his 8-year-old Annalise and 23-year-old Corrine. “You have to do that because, you know, she’s a kid so you have to make sure that they’re safe.”

Foxx called his eldest daughter a “late bloomer” when it came to dating, but said that Annalise is a “romantic.”

“She’s 8 but she had a little boyfriend and I’m like ‘What!?’ and she’s like ‘Yes!’ and you see them holding hands and I said ‘Wow!’” Foxx told ET.

Because his daughters are so different, Foxx had to adapt his parenting style to fit each one.

“I think I will have to give [Annalise] different information than I had to give my oldest,” he said. “I said, ‘Babe, not all the love is real. There’s going to be some others that are thrown into it.’ But that’s the fun part of it, is taking what you know , what you’ve gone through and being the person who is the male perspective to tell your daughter, ‘This is what they’re going to do… he’s going to say this but he’s trying to do this so don’t have none of that.’”

As good as he is with doling out advice, Foxx had to get some tough love himself earlier this year.

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“Six, seven months ago I was 216 pounds, not paying attention, eating Mr. Chows and ordering mutton and I think I had a yak cheese,” he dished. “But my pops was like, ‘Boy, what are you doing? You look like you’re about to have baby.’ And I said, ‘Oh man!’”

Foxx then worked hard with a trainer to lose the weight before promoting his upcoming cop drama, Sleepless, which hits theaters Jan. 13.