13 Times Queen Meryl Streep Ruled Over the Golden Globes

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Meryl Streep may reign over the Oscars, but her real kingdom is the Golden Globes.

Her nomination for Florence Foster Jenkins this year -- as Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical -- marks her 30th in 38 years. She will also receive the Cecil B. DeMille Award, the first person to get that honor in the same year as a nomination in over two decades. (Sophia Loren managed it in 1995.)

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Ahead of tonight's show -- which will no doubt provide at least one more "Yas, Meryl! Yaaas!" moment -- here are 13 reasons why she is and will forever be the Queen of the Golden Globes:

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1. She earned her first nomination in 1979
as Best Actress in a Supporting Role for The Deer Hunter. (She lost to Dyan Cannon for Heaven Can Wait.) Meryl was nominated in the same category the next year -- for Kramer vs. Kramer -- and got her first win. (The above photo is from the Oscars, which she also won, because apparently photos from the 1980 Golden Globes don't exist online.)

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2. She's won more Golden Globes than anyone, ever.
With eight wins to her name, she's won twice as many times as runners up Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine. (Not counting MacLaine's Most Versatile Actress win in 1959, because if they still gave that out, surely Meryl would win it too.) Meryl is also the most nominated actor in history, naturally.

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3. In the past 10 years, there were only three years Meryl wasn't nominated:
2008, when she actually did have a fair share of movies eligible, including Dark Matters, Lions for Lambs, and Rendition; 2011, a rare year without any Meryl movies; and 2016, the year of Suffragette and Ricki and the Flash. And tbh, she could have been nominated for Ricki and the Flash.

4. She always comes prepared with her own flask. Meryl revealed that to ET on the red carpet back in 2000, when she opted for an accessory as functional as it was fashionable. "Darling, I have been here," she said. "I know what there is and what there isn't."

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5. She's been nominated in multiple categories in the same year.
Multiple times! The first time was in 2003, when she competed in Best Supporting Actress for Adaptation and in Best Actress in a Drama for The Hours. She won the former.

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6. And when she won for Adaptation, she gave the best speech. Despite it being her fourth Globe win, Meryl was quite flustered when she took to the stage. "Oh my god, I've just been nominated 789 times and I was getting so settled over there for a long winter's nap," she stammered. "I didn’t have anything prepared because it’s been since the Pleistocene Era since I've won anything."

(Since we're deep into fun facts territory, her win previous to that was for Sophie's Choice in 1983, and she'd been nominated 12 times in the interim.)

7. And backstage, she was just worried about sweating. Meryl stopped to chat with ET backstage after her 2003 win and joked, "All I'm worried about is, 'Am I sweating that much on TV?' I have a problem." And then she laid down on our couch to relax.

8. When she won in 2004, she had as close as Meryl gets to a wardrobe malfunction. The win was for Best Actress in Miniseries or TV Movie for Angels in America and, as she took the stage, she said, "I just realized you can see completely through my dress. So, now I'm standing with them together."

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9. She's been nominated in both Best Actress categories in the same year.
In 2009, she competed for Doubt in Drama and Mamma Mia! in Comedy or Musical. Ultimately, she lost in both, the former going to Kate Winslet for Revolutionary Road and the latter to Sally Hawkins for Happy-Go-Lucky. (Betcha remember Meryl singing ABBA better than you do Happy-Go-Lucky, though...)

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10. And she's actually competed against herself in the same category!
Meryl was nominated twice in the Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical field in 2010, for both Julie & Julia and It's Complicated. "And nominated greedily for a second role," Colin Farrell joked as he read off that year's nominations. It's a rare feat achieved by few actors, including Dennis Hopper and Leonardo DiCaprio.

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11. And when she won in 2010, she showed just how humble she still is. The win was for Julie & Julia, and Meryl dedicated the award to her mother. "I just want to say that in my long career, I've played so many extraordinary women that basically I'm getting mistaken for one," she explained, before growing tearful. "I am really grateful. I am really grateful."

12. She was somehow still shocked when she won again in 2012 -- and then swore! Meryl's eighth and most recent win was for The Iron Lady, and she truly had one of the best surprised reactions we've ever seen:

And that was all before she took to the stage and realized, "Oh s**t, I forgot my glasses!" Miming to her husband in the crowd, she continued, "Oh, I'm going to have to remember my speech!" Thus ensued an adorable moment when Harvey Weinstein and George Clooney passed up her spectacles as she gushed over her fellow nominees.

13. And how good of a sport she was the last time she attended the Globes, in 2015. Meryl is always game, as proven by the on-air moment when Benedict Cumberbatch photobombed her taking a photo with Margaret Cho's North Korean diplomat and a copy of Movies Wow! magazine. Feel free to re-read that sentence. It happened.

Long live the Meryl! And may the Golden Globes bow at your feet!

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