EXCLUSIVE: Lou Ferrigno and Alan Tudyk Perform a Musical in 'Con Man' Sneak Peek

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Lou Ferrigno
and Alan Tudykare performing a musical!

… At least on Thursday’s episode of Con-Man.

ET has an exclusive sneak peek of the duo’s theater skills, as they perform Ferrigno’s fictional musical, ‘Of Mice and Men: I’m With Stupid.’

“It is a hoedown -- and not in that tragic way where cops are all like, “Shots fired, hoe down.” It's a song and dance from the pretend musical of, “Of Mice and Men: I'm With Stupid,” Tudyk tells ET.

Last week, Tudyk’s character, Wray Neerly, became trapped in a boiler room at a convention (called 'The Long Con') with none other than Lou Ferrigno. This week, as more and more convention-goers become trapped behind the self-locking door, Ferrigno finally has enough cast members to debut his play – and thus the show begins!

Ferrigno plays himself in the episode, and as Tudyk puts it, “No one was more perfect for the role of 'Lou Ferrigno' as Lou Ferrigno."

The two met (in real life) years ago on the convention circuit – but how did Tudyk convince for Ferrigno to get on board for a musical episode?

Michael Jackson told him to never sing years earlier after hearing him attempt it. (True story),” said Tudyk. “He hated to go against the advice of the King of Pop, but I twisted his arm, then he threw me across the room. When I came to, we made a deal -- if I didn't sue, he'd do it. (Not true story).”

Check out the clip for a sneak peek of the performance, debuting Jan. 12, only on Comic-Con HQ.