EXCLUSIVE: Matthew McConaughey Reveals He's Had the Same Perm Since He Was 15

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Some looks never go out of style! Matthew McConaughey has been rocking curly hair for most of his life, but it turns out his curls are courtesy of a pretty intense perm from the ‘80s.

“I graduated high school in 1988. I remember in ‘85 I got the perm,” McConaughey told ET’s Jennifer Peros at a press junket for his new film, Gold. “I think my hair was straight before I got the perm, and I don't think it's ever gone back to being straight since I got the perm.”

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The Oscar winner is currently starring in Gold, which is set in the ‘80s. Though his character is balding, McConaughey’s hair has grown back to its former glory since filming.

“This perm’s lasted since I was 15 years old I think,” he said and recalled some of his other ‘80s fashions. “I remember there were the parachute pants that I had to roll up the bottom of. The jeans we'd pinch 'em together, roll em up. The Top Siders. I had a nice rat tail… I have my sleeveless rock and roll T-shirts, still have 'em, still wear 'em.”

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The seasoned actor also had to pack on the pounds for the role, which proved to be much easier than losing lots of weight for his part in Dallas Buyers Club.

“I said, ‘6 months, you say yes to whatever you want to eat, whatever you want to drink, 24/7. If you think twice about it, McConaughey, you have to have double,’ so it happened kind of easily,” he said of his fattening regimen.

The diet also made him very popular with his wife and three kids.

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“The whole family loosened up, my nickname was ‘Captain Fun’ around the house because every night was pizza night if the kids wanted it, milkshakes for breakfast was just fine,” he said.

Gold hits theaters Jan. 27. For more from McConaughey’s cute family, watch the clip below!

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