'Mariah's World': Mariah Ditches Her Engagement Ring, Says She's 'Really Happy' With Boyfriend Bryan Tanaka

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In the eighth and, sadly, final installment of E!'s very special docu-series Mariah's World, this is how Mariah Carey ditches her colossal engagement ring from ex-fiancé James Packer: she writes a breakup song to "heal" her, sings it in the studio, and then defiantly slides that sucker off, sets it on the music stand and walks away.

Even though she knows that Packer put the singer "through hell," Mariah's manager, Stella Bulochnikov, discovers the ring and has questions for her client, like why the hell her $10-million behemoth is no longer bedazzling her finger. At the same time, Stella also takes the opportunity to address public misconceptions about Mariah.

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"They think it's all perfect," Stella says. "Diamonds and yachts. They don't know."

We do know this, though: Mariah and James couldn't settle on a wedding date (they're both so busy), but Mariah and Bryan Tanaka, the singer's backup dancer, made time for each other and even bonded (see: they gave each other lap dances) while touring Europe for The Queen's Sweet, Sweet Fantasy trek.

Mariah can no longer deny how she feels about both men, and so she doesn't. After telling Stella she's clueless as to whom her manager has recruited to plan her wedding ("who is 'they'?" Mimi asked), Mariah decides to "cut the sh**."

"I can't do this," she explains, basing her decision on "situations in my life that weren't good" and not wanting "to go through that again."

"If you're not getting the love that you need from soneone that you're supposed to be in a relationship with, then why remain in that situation?"

"So," she concludes, "it won't happen." *GASP*

Meanwhile, Mariah and Tanaka have a heart-to-heart on a cozy, perfectly lit gazebo where they exchange deep looks of longing as well as telling sighs. One of her most introspective songs, "Looking In," is playing. He fixes her hair, which she says makes her feel insecure. So then he charms her: "I think you look beautiful." She smiles.

Tanaka wants to know if she's going to marry Packer -- or "this guy," as he puts it.

Viewers knew the answer to that even before this showdown of a finale, but what we didn't know is that Mariah met Tanaka's starstruck mom, Claire. Mariah has no problem being Mariah in the company of her courter's mother, as demonstrated by the cameraman who likely lost his job after filming the left side of her face.

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"This is gonna be an ugly shot of me that I'm not gonna like," Mariah jokingly vexes, breaking from small talk with Claire. She laughs. "Don't hate me -- I'm really not rude!"

Claire, being an MC fan and all, must be so proud of Tanaka for being promoted from backup dancer to Mariah Carey's boyfriend, and then also to co-creative director. The latter is news to MC's creative director, Anthony Burrell, who finds out after Mariah and Stella made the decision to give Tanaka the new gig. Anthony is upset, but in the end, he sucks it up because what else are you supposed to do when your boss is Mariah Carey?

If you're Tanaka, here's what: You go to Maui with Mimi, frolic in the ocean and recreate the end of the singer's 1997 video "Honey." At long last, Tanaka could share with Mariah his bottled-up emotions, he admitted, after "holding back for so long so many feelings that I had to ignore for good reason."

He didn't hold back on that beach, embracing and kissing his honey.

"I've always wanted to do this," he shared.

"Since when?" she asked.


During a confessional, Mariah said she was "really happy," though she's "not sure if anyone else can understand that, but it is what it is."

Mariah also called it a "moment," as she refers to most things that happen in her life. During this episode, there was a "golf cart moment" -- aka the potential vehicle transporting her through the safari with her children, Monroe and Moroccan, for their weeklong 5th-birthday celebration. There was the "creative moment" when she spoke of getting back in the studio, post-tour. 

Even bouncing on a trampoline is deserving of her favorite word: "It's fun to jump, and then you're up and your hair blows and it's a moment, and then you come down and it's bleak," she says, explaining how trampolines work in Mariah's world. "You're like, 'What the hell am I doing it for? It's making me sweat. It's disgusting.' But the kids like it, so what am I supposed to do?"

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Nick Cannon joined Mariah and the tots for the high-flying indoor sports event. And even though the singer -- and Cannon's mom, who was also there to celebrate -- took many digs at her ex-husband's infamous turban, she expressed her gratitude for their "special" post-divorce relationship. Which, like a lot of things we've had the pleasure of witnessing on Mariah's World, is pretty great.

So, will Mariah return to bestow more legendary moments upon us for a second season? (It's OK, Mariah, we won't make you jump on a trampoline.) Will we be lucky enough to get an entire series dedicated to the diva's fascinating Apple TV fixation? Only time will tell.

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