EXCLUSIVE: Lady Gaga's Parents Say 'She's Been an Inspiration to All of Us' Ahead of Super Bowl Performance

The "Joanne" singer will headline this year's Super Bowl Halftime Show on Feb. 5.

Lady Gaga's parents can't stop gushing about their daughter!

Cynthia and Joe Germanotta spoke with ET following Gaga's pre-Super Bowl press conference on Thursday and praised the "Joanne" singer for her latest accomplishments.

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"From the time she was little until now, she's been an inspiration to all of us," Gaga's father, Joe, said. "Not only to our family, but to the world, and to finally realize this... to be on the biggest stage on the world is every artist's dream."

Gaga will be headlining the upcoming Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show at Super Bowl LI, and she's counting on her entire family's support to make it a hit.

"Our other daughter, Natalie, is involved with the show," Gaga's mother, Cynthia, said. "She's working the wardrobe [department], so we're extremely proud and honored to have all of our family here."

Cynthia, who is a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan, also commented on the special moment she shared with NFL great Terry Bradshaw, who gifted her with a signed football during the press conference.

"It was incredibly cool," she gushed. "I grew up [watching] the Steelers, so this means a lot to me and my family."

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"I know that your mother is a Pittsburgh gal," Terry said to Gaga during the press conference. "I autographed this cheap football for her. And it just says, 'Thanks so much for being a fan. Love you, Terry Bradshaw.'"

After he handed over the football, Gaga responded, "You know, my mom was a head cheerleader at her college and she's trying real hard not to squeal right now."

For more on Gaga's Super Bowl performance, watch the video below.