Lena Dunham Mortifies Maria Shriver During Live 'Today' Show Interview: See the Hilarious Reaction!

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Things got more than a little awkward during Lena Dunham's appearance on the Today show on Friday.

The always outspoken Girls creator was being interviewed by Maria Shriver about the final season of Dunham's HBO series, when she managed to fluster the 61-year-old journalist. After Shriver mentioned that she was able to watch three episodes of the last season of Girls, 30-year-old Dunham bluntly asked, "You saw a penis, right?"

"Well, I saw more than that," Shriver replied, before quickly getting embarrassed. "You caught me there for a second. I'm not sure if you're allowed to say that on television."

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"I won't be coming back," Dunham then cracked. "Going out with a bang!"

The camera cut to Today co-anchor Matt Lauer, who clearly couldn't believe the turn the interview had taken.

"What?!" Lauer laughed awkwardly.

Dunham later apologized to Shriver after the mother of four appealed to Lauer for help getting the interview back on track.

"See, that's the difference between generations," Shriver said. "I wasn't brought up talking like that."

Things got even more awkward when Dunham dropped the penis word again, thinking they had gone off air.

"I'm thrilled by what's just happened here," the actress cracked, everyone appearing at a loss for words.

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Dunham's recent participation in Vogue's "73 Questions" series went a whole lot smoother, when she gave a tour of her quirky Los Angeles home. She also admitted that despite her outspoken nature, she's actually the Girls cast member least comfortable filming sex scenes.

Watch below: