Ed Sheeran Says Taylor Swift Will Go Through Crazy Lengths to Protect Her Music

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Leaked music is not an option for Taylor Swift.

In a recent interview with Brazil’s Capricho magazine, Taylor Swift’s BFF, Ed Sheeran, explained the insane lengths the pop sensation takes in order to protect her music. When asked if Swift ever sends him sneak previews of her new music, the “Castle on the Hill” singer said absolutely not.

“She would never send new songs, no,” he said. “I hear them, but it has to be with her.”

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When Sheeran and Swift, 27, collaborated on the song “Everything Has Changed” for her Red album in 2012, the 25-year-old singer-songwriter wasn’t even allowed to hear it on his own.

“I remember when I did a song with her for her album, I was in San Francisco and they sent someone with a locked briefcase with an iPad and one song on it, and they flew to San Francisco and played the song I’ve done with her,” he explained. “And they asked if I like it, and I was like, ‘Yeah,’ and then they took it back. That’s how I heard it.”

In March, Sheeran told British GQ that he and the “Blank Space” singer get along so well because they had similar upbringings.

"There’s an underdog element to it. Taylor [Swift] was never the popular kid in school,” he revealed. “I was never the popular kid in school. Then you get to the point when you become the most popular kid in school – and we both take it a bit too far.”

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