EXCLUSIVE: How Julie Chen Knew George and Amal Clooney Were Expecting Twins!

Julie Chen announced Hollywood's biggest secret last week -- but just how did she do it?!

Julie Chen announced Hollywood's biggest secret last week -- but just how did she know?!

ET caught up with Chen on the red carpet for the 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards on Sunday, and the Big Brother host spilled exactly how she was able to reveal the big news that George and Amal Clooney are expecting twins.

"Here's the truth of the matter," Chen confessed to ET's Cameron Mathison. "My husband [Leslie Moonves] and I saw George and Amal about three weeks ago, and they causally mentioned that they were expecting twins. And we were all like, 'Is it a secret?!"

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Chen said that George shrugged and played off the news like it was no big deal. "We didn't feel right telling anybody," Chen said.

"And then that morning that I reported on The Talk, it was in a British tabloid that it might be true or it might not be true," the 47-year-old host continued. "My producer said, 'We might not report on it,' And I'm like, 'No, it's true! It's definitely true! He said it wasn't a secret, and I've been dying to tell!'"

Chen added that she did not call and ask Clooney if it would be all right to announce the news on The Talk. "I didn't call, but Leslie has known him for so long. He [said], 'You know what, I think it's OK,'" she said. "This is news that everyone celebrates. How could you want to keep it a secret? And it's way past the 12 weeks. She's due in June!"

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