Katherine Jackson Claims Nephew Trent Is Spying on Her With Hidden Cameras: 'I Am Afraid in My Own Home'

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Katherine Jackson's disturbing allegations against her nephew-in-law, Trent Jackson -- which he has previously denied -- continued in court papers she filed on Wednesday. Katherine filed the papers in support of her request for a permanent restraining order against him.

Katherine, 86, alleges in new court documents obtained by ET that she's fearful that recently terminating Trent's employment -- and his alleged refusal to leave her guest home in Calabasas, California -- will cause him to try and cause her "further harm." She says she's currently living under a doctor's care in London, England, in part because of "the stress this situation with Trent is causing [her]."

"I am afraid of Trent in my own home for many reasons," Katherine alleges in the papers. "I have no privacy since he has free run of the house. He tells the house staff and security that he is the 'House Manager.'"

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"Trent copied the key to my bedroom lock, and has let me know he can enter whenever he wants," she further claims. "He walks in when he pleases. And I believe he has put cameras and bugs in my home, so the only place I can try and have a private conversation, is in my bathroom, pretending I am using the restroom so I can make a call. And, I often get dressed in my closet out of fear that he will walk in on me."

Court papers obtained by ET last month allege that 52-year-old Trent was employed as her driver, but over time "infiltrated [her] business and personal affairs." In the court documents filed on Wednesday, Katherine claims that Trent refused to drive her wherever she wanted to go unless she first submitted to "his interrogation."

"He yells at me, and I have to answer him because I am afraid of him," she claims.

Katherine also claims Trent once refused to get her medical help when she felt she was having a medical emergency.

"One time, I wasn't feeling well, felt like I was having a stroke or seizure or something, and Trent reused to call 911, instead he said he would take care of me," she claims. "I needed a doctor, and he neglected my health needs."

Two of Katherine's children, 62-year-old Jermaine Jackson and 66-year-old Rebbie Jackson, also filed declarations on Wednesday, backing up her allegations of elder abuse.

However, Trent's attorney, Ron Rale, tells ET that Trent is not abusive to Katherine "in any way" and that he's currently not living in her guest house. "He will of course comply with the temporary orders to stay away from the house," Rale says.

Rale also says that in Katherine's initial filing for a restraining order against Trent, there was no signed declaration from Katherine, rather, it was just signed by her lawyer. Rale says he wants to take Katherine’s deposition before the next hearing on March 23.

"I think the evidence is going to show that Trent is a sweetheart of a guy and anyone who knows him would never say that he is abusive to Katherine in any way," Rale says. "Trent loves Katherine and this whole proceeding is hurtful."

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On Wednesday, the judge extended Katherine's temporary restraining order request against Trent until the hearing later this month.

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-- Reporting by Tracie De La Rosa