EXCLUSIVE: 'Little Women: LA' Star Terra Jole Opens Up About Cancer Scare: 'It's Definitely a Hard Thing'


The 'Little Women: LA' star got emotional while discussing her potential breast cancer prognosis with ET.

Terra Jole
is opening up about her cancer fears.

The reality star, former Dancing with the Stars contestant and mother of two is used to living her life in the public eye, allowing cameras to follow her every move. But what’s more difficult is sharing her personal health struggles with the world. Jolé recently revealed that she is undergoing testing for breast cancer and expressed how the uncertainty is affecting her and her family. The star got emotional sitting down with ET's Cameron Mathison and Lauren Zima, shedding light on her cancer fears during a Facebook Live conversation on Tuesday.

"It's definitely a hard thing to express to the world. And it's a hard thing to express to your family and [to] try and, you know, get better," Jolé shared with ET.

The reality star went on to say that she has gotten a second opinion regarding her cancer concerns and is waiting to learn her diagnosis. "Unfortunately, we are still waiting on additional results," Jolé continued. "But we're going from there. It's not, as planned, but I'm hoping and thinking positive."

"Everybody was asking last night, as well. [DWTS host] Tom [Bergeron] brought me aside and was like 'Please tell me how you're doing.'" Jolé continued, "I'm very flattered that everybody cares so much about me and worries for my health and, as well, it's been a trying kind of situation for me [and especially for] my family. My husband's been so strong."

Unfortunately, this is not the only health issue Jolé has battled in the last year. After competing on season 23 of Dancing with the Stars, she had surgery to repair multiple hernias that developed while performing on the show. Those hernias have completely healed and the diastasis injury [a tear in her stomach lining] she also sustained has been repaired, but there is still a risk that she could suffer further injury if she overexerts herself. Nevertheless, Jolé has no regrets about doing the show.

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“I feel like I did Dancing with the Stars for a reason at that point in my life and I would never change a thing about it. I would totally do it all over again. It was an experience that really changed me and I will always cherish that,” Jolé answered. While the reality star says she’s trying to stay positive about her health, she admits that she is afraid of the diagnosis. “It's normal, you're a human being and you do get scared sometimes, and you do fear those 'What if?' kind of moments.”

Jolé, who sat front row at Monday's Dancing with the Stars premiere, is currently reliving her Dancing experience as her reality show Little Women: LA airs on Lifetime. The 36-year-old performer filmed both shows simultaneously last year and now the reality series is giving Jolé’s fans an inside look at how participating in the dancing competition affected her friendships and marriage. She shared with us just how difficult that period was for her and husband Joe Gnoffo.

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"It was super stressful for me to wake up, see my children [2-year-old Penelope and 7-month-old Grayson] when they're sleeping, [go to rehearsals] and then come home, see my children when they were sleeping," she admitted. "And it's like, that's my relationship with my husband as well. Because you're working on this show seven days a week and, not to mention, I was additionally doing extra hours with Little Women: LA. So everything was very, very stressful and it was probably the hardest time that we've had thus far in our marriage."

The couple, who have been married since 2015, are in a much better place post-DWTS. Jolé advised that having date nights without the kids has been key to refocusing their relationship, saying "Without that, you get lost in the shuffle and you take for granted what your husband does for you or what your wife does for you."

When the conversation turned to Jolé’s relationship with Little Women: LA cast mate Elena Gant, she was not as optimistic about the status of their friendship, explaining that the two are still not in a good place today. On the reality show, Gant has criticized Jolé’s decision to do Dancing with the Stars, saying that Jolé was putting the competition before her health and leading to screaming and crying matches between the two women.

"This season, you're going to see us go through the craziest ups and downs. And because of Dancing, it's really hurt my relationship with Elena," Jolé shared. "I don't know if necessarily it was because of Dancing or maybe we've just become so busy and our lives have changed. But it's definitely changed a lot between Elena and I. And it makes me sad because I love her full-heartedly."

As for the season 23 contestant’s take on this year's crop of stars, Jolé is rooting for her old partner, Sasha Farber, and Olympic champion Simone Biles. She is also "obsessed" with new mom Peta Murgatroyd, relating to her experience performing on the show with an infant and sharing advice with Murgatroyd when the pair caught up at the show's premiere.

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"I started Dancing with the Stars three weeks after I had Grayson. And I just told her afterwards, I was like, 'It's going to get so much easier. Right now, this is probably the worst day because you've been away from them the longest today,'" she told us of her conversation with Murgatroyd. "It's an emotional pull - that you're wanting to be home, yet you're doing your job. And I know that she is struggling right now, but I think she's Superwoman. She's got a great blog, she is juggling - I think [she] and Maks really have it figured out and I think they're going to both do superb this season."

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