Evan Rachel Wood Gushes Over Her 3-Year-Old Son With Ex Jamie Bell


Evan Rachel Wood has learned a lot from motherhood.

The Westworld star opened up about her 3-year-old son with ex-husband Jamie Bell in the May issue of Elle Canada.

"Bless him. He's a gypsy by proxy because his parents are," Wood said. "He's only ​ 3 now, but he's starting to understand. He hears one of my songs and he knows that that’s me, and he has seen me on TV and he’s starting to put the pieces together.'

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The 29-year-old actress added that her son gets to enjoy parents with two "very different" personalities. "My ex-husband's lovely and very British and straightedge," she noted. "And then he's got this glam-rock weirdo for a mom."

Wood also shared "profound" words from the toddler that have since become her motto.

"He said something to me that was so profound I wanted to put it on a T-shirt. I was just poking fun at him lovingly one day and I said, 'You're weird,' and he said, 'I'm not weird. I'm playing.' And I was like, that’s the most brilliant thing I've ever heard," Wood gushed. "I'm not weird, I’m just playing. That’s my motto for life from now on."

The proud mom wants to make sure that her son has a "normal" upbringing, which meant moving from Los Angeles to Nashville, Tennessee.

"L.A. is wonderful, and it has given me so many amazing things, but I've also got a lot of demons here,"admitted Wood. "I was ready to break it up a little bit. I wanted to give my kid some grass to run around on. Again, he's got two actor parents. I was like, 'You don't need to live in L.A. full-time. Let's go somewhere a little 'normal' for a bit.'"

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The North Carolina native, who got engaged to her Rebel and a Basketcase bandmate, Zach Villa, in January, went on to dish about, and her Westworld character, Dolores.

In November, Wood told Rolling Stone she was sexually assaulted twice. She shared the harrowing story in hopes of empowering other survivors to speak out, and credits Dolores for helping her become more vocal.

"Dolores' journey was about finding her true self and facing trauma and her past," Wood explained. "That was a catalyst in me opening up about my experiences. [Wood is a rape survivor.] Playing her got me to face a lot. Life was imitating art. By the end of that show, I did feel like I was standing on firmer ground and that I had conquered certain fears. I was owning it in a different way. I was less afraid and less ashamed."

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