Zac Efron Recalls Flirty Night Out With Madonna: 'She's Captivating'

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Zac Efron was as surprised as anyone to find out that he would be sitting next to Madonna for an entire UFC fight.

The Baywatch star appeared on Wednesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live and the late-night host point-blank asked him, "Did something go on with you and Madonna?"

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Efron explained that he was a fan of Conor McGregor and had attended the November event at Madison Square Garden in New York City to see the UFC fighter compete against Eddie Alvarez. "The seats are named as you get to the center of the ring, and I was ringside so I was really very close to this fight," he recalled. "I’m keep getting closer and closer and I wasn’t seeing my name, and then I see several famous people names. [Then] I see ‘Madonna,' ‘Zac Efron,' and I was like ‘What?’ I was like, ‘I’m next to Madonna for this entire fight!'"

The 29-year-old heartthrob said the 58-year-old music icon was "legit into the fight," noting, "She had the time of her life."

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“Is it possible that she was trying to have sex with you?” Kimmel quipped. “Is it possible that Madonna maybe switched the sign so that maybe you would be seated next together? Because Madonna is an irresistible person. When she sets her sights on someone, there’s no escaping."

“She is captivating in that way,” Efron replied. “Madonna was lovely. She is amazing."

As for whether something went on between the two of them, Efron joked that "she tapped this," and pointed to his bicep.

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While he only got a little "tap" from Madonna, Efron locked lips with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson while shooting a scene for Baywatch -- and dished to ET about what it was like to kiss the action star. Check out our exclusive interview:

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