EXCLUSIVE: Shakira Opens Up About Why She Wouldn't Return to the 'Voice' Again

The 40-year-old singer told ET about the mom guilt she experienced while making her new album, 'El Dorado.'

It's been three years since Shakira was a coach on The Voice, but don't expect to see her in that red chair again.

ET's Brooke Anderson caught up with the 40-year-old singer in New York City last week, where she opened up about her time on the show -- and revealed why she won't be doing it again.

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"No, I wouldn't [go back], because it's so hard to be away from my family," Shakira confessed. "Right now, [I'm] back into making music, and I'm gonna be going on tour pretty soon at the end of the year. I miss all that."

"It was a great experience, and of course I miss the guys, they were a lot of fun a lot to talk to, but I wouldn't go back," she added.

These days, Shakira is focusing on her little guys -- 4-year-old Milan and 2-year-old Sasha.

"I used to be the center of my universe, the beginning and the end, the alpha and omega, and now I'm a satellite of my kids," she said. "I completely revolve around them. They're the center of my universe and my biggest priority in life to make sure they feel loved and that they will become good people, great human beings. That's my number one goal and then everything else is secondary."

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"I never thought I would say this, music is my hobby," Shakira confessed. "But they switched the dynamic completely. That's why I enjoy making this album so much, because now my work is being a mom. I now consider my other work, which is making music, a hobby. That's why making this album was such a pleasure."

Shakira's new album, El Dorado, may have become a pleasure to work on, but at first, it was much more difficult.

"I didn't want to abandon my role as a mother, and I started to feel guilty for like the first few weeks," she confessed of recording her first album in three years. "But the conflict got resolved at some point, and I started making songs."

El Dorado
has produced four big hits already, including "Me Enamore," which is about how she and longtime love, Gerard Pique, fell in love.

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"This song is actually like, if I would have torn [a page] out of my own journal. The narration of how we met each other and how we fell in love is depicted in the song and it was a very personal song," Shakira said before opening up about Pique's cameo at the end of the song's music video. "We just thought that it would be more mysterious and intriguing."

As for whether Shakira and Pique, 30, will ever head down the aisle, she said they don't feel the need to "formalize" their relationship.

"We are pretty locked down right now with two kids. We don't feel like we need to recite vows and formalize it in order to be together, I don't believe in that," she revealed, adding that whether they'll continue to "lock down" their relationship with more kids is still up in the air.

"If it wasn't so hard on my body, believe me, I would have 10 kids with that man," she said.

Shakira's new album, El Dorado, is in stores now. 

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