Gina Rodriguez Opens Up About Her Anxiety in Moving Makeup-Free Silent Video


The 'Jane the Virgin' actress participated in her friend's 'Ten Second Portraits' project.

There’s more going on beneath the surface! Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez got incredibly candid in a touching new Instagram post over the weekend.

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The CW actress, 32, is used to being in front of the camera, but in the clip directed by her friend, Anton Soggiu, she tried something entirely new. The video is a part of Soggiu’s art project called “Ten Second Portraits.”

“It's always great to be in front of his lens but this time it was just me,” Rodriguez captioned the clip. “Bare and exposed in the streets of LA. No makeup. No styling. Just me.”

The Golden Globe winner went on to explain why this was so significant.

“I suffer from anxiety,” she wrote. “And watching this clip I could see how anxious I was but I empathize with myself. I wanted to protect her and tell her it's ok to be anxious, there is nothing different or strange about having anxiety and I will prevail. I like watching this video. It makes me uncomfortable but there is a freedom I feel maybe even an acceptance. This is me. Puro Gina.”

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In the clip, Rodriguez is fresh-faced and stunning, wearing a New York Yankees cap and navy jacket. She flashes her infectious smile and even bites her lip in seeming discomfort.

One person who appreciates all of Rodriguez is her new boyfriend, Joe LoCicero. Rodriguez recently opened up to ET about her man. Watch the clip below to see the exclusive interview!