Kim Zolciak Instructs Son Kash on 'Protocol' When Petting a Stray Dog After His Traumatic Injury


Kash Biermann isn’t going to let his traumatic dog bite stop him from loving animals! The 4-year-old cutie’s proud mom took to Snapchat over the weekend to show the family’s love for a sweet stray dog while on vacation.

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"This scared little doggie finally trusts us on day two," Zolciak, 39, said, sharing a video of her daughter, Ariana, petting the dog and offering it water. "Do you guys remember yesterday this dog wouldn't even come near us? He would just run off. Oh my god, he's so cute."


The mother of six praised two of her kids, saying, “I have to say that Ariana and Kash are my animal lovers."

The reality star’s son, Kash, then walked up to see the panting dog. But before he was allowed to pet the dog, the family’s friend and chef, Tracey Bloom, showed Kash how to properly approach an unknown dog.

"Kash loves, loves animals. We're trying to teach him protocol, per say,” Zolciak said. “Tracey [Bloom] knows all the proper ways to do this stuff."

Kash knelt down and showed the dog his fist so it could give him a sniff before Kash reached out to pet him.


Zolciak admitted that she’s been struggling with anxiety since Kash was seriously injured in April after suffering a dog bite.

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“No place I'd rather be!” she captioned a vacation photo. “Happy and at peace (I have had so much anxiety since the incident with Kash often times it's overbearing) thankful I can try and refocus my energy and lift my vibration.”

For more from the family, watch the clip below!

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