Rachel Lindsay Shares Sweet Instagram Tribute to Fiance Bryan Abasolo: 'Thank You For Being Just Who You Are'


Rachel Lindsay is clearly loving taking her relationship public!

The Bachelorette and her winning suitor, Bryan Abasolo, took to social media after their big reveal on Monday’s finale, where Lindsay shared a sweet tribute to her fiance.

“This day was a dream come true!” she captioned a pic of their engagement in picturesque La Rioja, Spain. “Bryan you have shown me a love that I've never had before. You've challenged me in ways I could have never imagined. This road was not easy but you have been my rock and still are my rock through it all.”

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“We found love in such a public way but the depths of our love is something that only we will know and will have between each other forever,” Lindsay added. “I would do it all over again if it led me back to you. You are my better half and thank you for being just who you are and never changing for anyone. Thank you for always taking the high road and thank you for loving me unconditionally. I love you with all of me @thebryanabasolo and more than I could ever define to you! I am so excited to spend forever with you.”

The pair spoke with ET’s Lauren Zima on Tuesday morning, following their whirlwind finale and After the Finale Rose appearances, and they opened up about the skewed perception of their relationship on the show, as fans seemed to focus more on runner-up Peter Kraus, who just wasn’t ready to commit.

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"I think there's a difference between 'I love you' and' I'm in love with you,’” Abasolo said. “Rachel actually told me she was in love with me back in the fantasy suites.”

"It was very important to me,” Lindsay agreed. “I've been strong with my last four, and I loved each of them in a different way, and with Bryan, he's the only one that I said I was in love with to. And I really wanted to reserve that language, that feeling, for one person. And that was Bryan for me."

See more in the video below!

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