Nick Cannon Admits Ex Kim Kardashian 'Broke My Heart'

The two briefly dated in 2006.

Nick Cannon was really into Kim Kardashian.

The 40-year-old actor and TV presenter opened up about his previous relationship with the reality star and admitted that she "broke my heart."

"People didn’t know, they were just like, ‘Who’s that chick with Nick? She’s bad,'" Cannon recalled during an interview on the Drink Champs podcast. Kardashian dated Cannon in 2006, before her relationship with Ray J and their infamous sex tape.

"And then a year later probably when the tape came out, I believe the tape was made prior to me, in my mind," Cannon continued. "Because it looks like to people I was with her first and then a year later or whatever the tape came out. But I think that tape was an older tape, but it looks to the public, it was Nick and then it was the tape."

Cannon shared that Ray J knew Kardashian before they dated. "We were kids, we were young," he said, adding, "I was really into her, I was vibing…[She's] an amazing person."

“She broke my heart,” he said as the guys pushed further about his feelings for Kardashian. "It was almost 20 years ago…We were kids, but obviously I knew Kim before Kanye [West]."

He shared how Kardashian threw him a birthday party and Cannon introduced her to her eventual husband. "Long story short, we were getting pretty serious back then…It was getting serious…I was hanging out with the family," he said.

Cannon then recalled an interaction with Ray J where he alluded to the sex tape. He claimed that he asked Kardashian about the rumors and she allegedly denied it.

The All That alum recently made headlines for announcing that he plans to be celibate until 2022. The decision came after he welcomed four children in less than a year with three different women. The rapper has seven kids total.

"I’m going to try to be celibate until 2022," he said during an episode of his talk show, Nick Cannon. "We're going to see if we can make it to the end of the year. Somebody said, 'You should go longer. Take your time!' We'll get to the end of the year, then we'll talk about 2022."

ET spoke with Cannon last month, where he admitted that he's not opposed to having more children.

"Think about it, you can't be like, 'No I'm done.' Like, what if God says, 'No you not,'" Cannon said of having more children in the future.

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