Nick Cannon Says He Doesn't Believe In Marriage After Mariah Carey Divorce (Exclusive)

ET caught up with Cannon after he went on a blind date with a listener from his Power 106 morning radio show.

Nick Cannon may be a hopeless romantic, but another marriage isn't something he sees in his future.  

"I don't believe in marriage anymore," the 39-year-old multifaceted star told ET's Lauren Zima ahead of his blind date with a listener from his Power 106 radio show, Nick Cannon Mornings, at Yamashiro Restaurant in Hollywood. "My mindset has changed. I have done that. I don't like doing things that I am not good at."

Cannon married Mariah Carey in April 2008 and welcomed twins, Moroccan and Monroe, three years later. The singer filed for divorce in 2014, before the pair briefly reconciled in 2015. Their divorce was finalized in 2016 and the two remain on good terms. However, Cannon admits the experience changed his views on marriage.

"If you jumped out of a plane on time and it did not work out -- you would not do it again, would you?" he explained, adding, "I barely survived. Why would I jump out of the plane again?"

"I mean, I am still working. I am growing. I was a broken soul, but now I am back out on the scene," Cannon noted. "I'm trying to fix myself. I'm trying to be the best me I can be, the best dad I can be, the best entrepreneur and young media mogul that I can be. So I'm really just focused on me and being the best, because for some reason I haven't gotten this relationship thing right. I'm not good at it. I don't like doing stuff that I'm not good at."

While he decided give love another go for Valentine's Day, on his blind date with listener Maggie Gutierrez, Cannon wants people -- most importantly his 8-year-old twins -- to know that he's not a player.  

"It's the funniest thing, my kids call me a player. I was like, 'Who taught you that word?" he shared. "Who's been talking to you?' And [Moroccan's] like, 'Dad you can't be a player forever.' I'm like, this is the worst."  

For his blind date, he wasn't allowed to look at Gutierrez's social media, only suggesting to his team that he didn't want his potential date to be an influencer.

"We're trying to make this a true blind date, like it's like a real romantic comedy," he explained. "Like, this is how it really happens. I didn't look at any profiles. One suggestion I made, I said, hopefully I don't want her to be like, one of those people that have like a huge social media following and is an influencer, I just wanted a regular, everyday individual."

"I am a hopeless romantic," he added. "So I was like, to be able to engage with someone and kinda just have a real moment opposed to always being about, 'Oh, I'm searching, I'm looking, I'm single. I'm trying to fall back on that.'"

As for what type of lady he's attracted to? "Authentic woman," Cannon revealed. "Just [someone] being her authentic self. That's rare these days to find someone who's comfortable with being themselves and is not bombarded with society's perception of what a woman should be."

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