Nick Cordero's Wife Says COVID-19 Appears to Be 'Out of His System'

Nick Cordero and Amanda Kloots
Noam Galai/Getty Images

The actor's wife shared some happy news with her followers on Friday.

It's been a long road for Nick Cordero's family as he battles health issues, but things are looking up.

On Friday, the Broadway star's wife, Amanda Kloots, shared a positive update about her husband amid his recovery from the coronavirus.

"Good news, dada had two negative COVID tests. Yay!" the celeb trainer told her followers on her Instagram Story. "Which means we think the virus is out of his system and now we're just dealing with recovery and getting his body back from all the repercussions of the virus."

"But COVID is two negative tests, which means hopefully the virus is out of Nick. Thank god," she happily said.

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Cordero, 41, is currently in a medically induced coma after being hospitalized last month for pneumonia. He then tested positive for COVID-19 while at the hospital.

Over the weekend, Kloots revealed that Cordero’s right leg was going to be amputated due to ongoing clotting issues. After the surgery, she took to her Instagram Story to share that her husband was "doing the best he possibly can."

However, on Thursday, Kloots shared that following an MRI scan earlier this week, doctors think that Cordero "should have woken up by now."

"The doctors said that there was nothing on the MRI that would show that he won't wake up, which is amazing. We are so happy about that because that was a big worry for all of us," Kloots said. "However, he hasn’t woken up and it's been 12 days out of sedation."

"The doctors do think he should have woken up by now," she added. While she believes her husband will wake up soon, in the meantime, doctors are considering slowly taking him off the ventilator and putting in a breathing tube "to help him be more comfortable."

Meanwhile, Kloots has continued to thank friends, family and followers for their prayers and well-wishes. After doing a workout for her Instagram followers on Friday, the fitness trainer shared that she will try to "go live more as we continue to get good news about Nick!"

"When doctors calls go well I can make time in efforts to give to all of you who have cheered us on, prayed for us, sing with us and donate to us," she wrote on her IG Story.

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