Nick Cordero's Wife Says He's 'Doing the Best He Possibly Can' After Leg Amputation Amid COVID-19 Battle

Nick Cordero and Amanda Kloots
Noam Galai/Getty Images

The Broadway star's wife, Amanda Kloots, is keeping friends and fans up to date about her husband's challenging struggle.

Nick Cordero is out of surgery and doing as well as possible after doctors were forced to amputate his leg amid his ongoing battle with COVID-19.

The Broadway star's wife, Amanda Kloots, took to her Instagram Story on Sunday and shared a promising health update regarding Cordero's operation.

"Okay, I just heard from the doctor. He’s doing good, guys. For Nick, he’s doing the best he possibly can," Kloots shared in a video. "Which is a huge hallelujah."

"Surgery went well. He’s recovering well after surgery. The wound looks OK. He didn't lose a lot of blood. His blood pressure is OK. His heart is OK. Even his internal bleeding has come down," she continued. "Everything seems to be calmed down, which is so great because this has been such a roller coaster."

Cordero -- who has been sedated in the ICU for 19 days while struggling with a myriad of COVID-19 symptoms and subsequent health complications -- previously underwent surgery to clear a blood flow blockage in his leg. That surgery itself was successful, but circulation was still an issue, as were clotting problems, so doctors decided amputation was required.

Kloots added that while the surgery went well, "Mental status is still super important and we're still rooting for him to wake up."

Hours later, Kloots posted a "storytime" video with herself and the couple's 10-month-old son, Elvis, and recalled how often she would come home to find her husband and their son fast asleep together on the bed.

"I would walk in, and it would be quiet, and there he was laying on his bed and Elvis would just be laying on him," she remembered, adding that the scene would be so cute she'd have no choice but to snap a pic.

"Now I have all these pictures of Elvis sleeping on Dada, when he should have been in his crib," Kloots said with a smile. "But thank God I have those pictures now, because they are just so beautiful to look at."

The news of Cordero's amputation comes just days after Kloots shared that the Broadway star may never walk again. During the update, the fitness instructor noted that she thinks her husband will need a lot of physical therapy work if he makes it through his COVID-19 battle.

Kloots first shared on April 1 that her husband was unconscious in the ICU after being diagnosed with pneumonia the week prior, and said that they were waiting on the results of a coronavirus test. Several days later, she revealed that the test had returned positive.

Cordero's battle has inspired people across the world who have loudly played and danced to his song, "Live Your Life," as well as Elvis Presley's song, "Got a Lot o' Livin' to Do," to show their support for the young father.

Throughout it all, Kloots has continued to ask for prayers and thank all those who have supported and sent well wishes to her and her family.