Nick Jonas Says 2019 Met Gala With Priyanka Chopra Will Be a 'Full Circle Moment' (Exclusive)

The 'UglyDolls' star opened up to ET about his plans for supporting his wife in her shining moment at this year's Met Gala.

For Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra, this year's Met Gala is going to be something of a "full circle" moment for the happy couple.

The handsome star walked the orange carpet at the star-studded premiere of his new animated family comedy UglyDolls on Saturday, where he rocked a dapper tan suit over an orange shirt, and was all smiles as he waved to fans.

The stylish singer-turned-actor also stopped to speak with ET's Nischelle Turner, and he opened up about getting to serve as a co-chair at this year's Met Gala, alongside his lovely wife.

"It's pretty cool. I hope I get a clipboard with all the names to make sure everybody's on the list," Jonas joked. "I don't actually know what my responsibilities are, but I'm really thrilled they asked us to do that."

For the pair, who were first romantically linked at the 2017 Met Gala, getting to return to the most extravagant fashion event of the year, and serve on the chair, is particularly special for them, and the singer has a plan for his own look this year.

"It's coming together," Jonas said of his outfit for the upcoming event. "To be honest, I'm very excited, I love the Met Gala, it's always a fun night, but Priyanka will set the tone, and I'm just going to be there to support her."

"So I plan to keep it simple and let her shine," Jonas added.

Clearly there's a lot of love and support in their relationship -- two humanist ideals that are the primary messages in his upcoming animated film, UglyDolls.

"Growing up in the public eye, you get really used to just shaking things off and understanding that your imperfections make you who you are, and connect us all in a big way. I think that is one of the messages of this movie that I connected with the most," Jonas said of the movie. "[It's about] self-acceptance and self-love and also the love of others and accepting them."

"I think it's a particularly poignant message right now, with where we are in the world," he added.

UglyDolls opens in theaters May 3.