Nicki Minaj Throws Shade, Shows Skin and Stands Up for Normani Kordei at the MTV VMAs

The 'Queen' artist took home the award for best hip-hop music video, and she had some choice words to share in her acceptance speech.

Nicki Minaj hit the MTV Video Music Awards stage on Monday after winning the award for best hip-hop video, and the rapper made sure to keep up the tradition of being as NSFW as possible.

Taking the stage in an Off-White dress that revealed quite a bit of skin, especially when she bent over to give out some hugs, Minaj was clearly overjoyed to accept the award, which she won for her "Chun-Li" music video.

While many viewers were expecting Minaj to address her reported feud with Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner (due to her controversial Twitter rant that she later said was a joke), the rapper actually kept things very positive -- at first.

"Oh, my god! I want to thank you guys so much. Shoutout to my fans; I know they are watching," Minaj marveled before thanking everyone who appeared on her latest album, Queen, including The Weeknd, Eminem and Ariana Grande. Minaj gushed over Grande in particular.

"I'm so freaking proud of you, Ariana," Minaj said, and Grande smiled from the audience while sitting next to fiance Pete Davidson.

John Shearer/Getty Images

Minaj also took a moment to show her support for Normani Kordei after presenter Tiffany Haddish's made a dig at Fifth Harmony after mentioning Camila Cabello's multiple nominations.

"Tiff, don't be coming for Fifth Harmony, because Normani is that b----," Minaj said, laughing. Clearly, she's a fan.

However, it wouldn't be a true Minaj acceptance speech without some cryptic shade-throwing right before heading out.

"Tune into Queen Radio so you can know who the c---sucker of the day award is going to," Minaj said before stepping off stage, referring to her Beats 1 radio show.

While we're not sure who's even nominated for the not-at-all coveted award, according to a recent Instagram post from the Queen artist, The Huffington Post is in the running for an article they wrote criticizing some of her recent comments about Harriet Tubman and Spotify.

After accepting her VMA, Minaj appeared remotely from The Oculus, the massive World Trade Center transportation hub in New York City, for a (reportedly pre-recorded) performance of several of her new songs, including "Barbie Dreams" and "Majesty."

The larger-than-life performance featured an Egyptian-themed set design featuring massive, golden, winged statues, and Minaj -- also decked out in gold -- rocking a blonde wig. The set absolutely slayed, with the cheers from the audience nearly drowning out the music.

It was the ultimate MTV VMAs performance (regardless of whether or not it was actually filmed during the VMAs).

For more on Minaj, check out the video below.