Nicky Hilton Reacts to Kim Kardashian Saying Paris Hilton Gave Her a Career (Exclusive)

Kim made the revelation on 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians.'

Nicky Hilton is reacting to Kim Kardashian saying her sister, Paris, gave her a career. 

"That's very sweet," she told ET at Vanity Fair's Best Dressed List party at Saks Fifth Avenue's restaurant L'Avenue in New York City on Thursday. 

Kim, who was best friends with Paris in the early 2000s and worked as her closet organizer, made the revelation on Keeping Up With the Kardashians last month. 

"I really would wanna do anything for her," she told her sister, Khloe. "She literally gave me a career. And I totally acknowledge that… It's like, I'm trying to get everything done before the Met [Gala] and everything done before the baby comes, but I would drop it for her because that's important to me, to be loyal to people."

Kim and Paris eventually drifted apart, but have recently rekindled their friendship. Paris channeled Kim's look while promoting Kanye West's Yeezy Season 6 in 2018, and Kim starred in the music video for Paris' song, "Best Friend's A**" earlier this year. 

While speaking with ET on Thursday, Nicky opened up about another relative's new project -- her aunt, Kyle Richards, starring in Halloween Kills. "I just heard that!" she exclaimed. "I'm actually going to see her this weekend. I'm going to her fashion show." 

The 35-year-old heiress couldn't be more into fashion these days. "[I feel my best] when I'm wearing something unique, so usually when I'm wearing a young and upcoming designer, something from overseas, because when you're at a party, you never want to blend in," she shared. 

"I love fashion. I love dressing up, and coming to an event like this. You know everyone is going to be decked, looking beautiful, and it's fun to see what everyone's wearing," Nicky added. 

See more in the video below. 


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