Nicole Kidman on Launching SeraLabs' Seratopical Revolution and Summer Skincare Secrets From CEO Nancy Duitch

The Oscar-winning actress first partnered with SeraLabs in December 2020.

Nicole Kidman and Nancy Duitch, founder and CEO of SeraLabs and Chief Strategic Officer of CURE Pharmaceutical, have teamed up once again to launch SeraLabs' Seratopical Revolution, a plant-based, alcohol-free, anti-aging beauty line, right in time for the summer.

The Oscar-winning actress first partnered with SeraLabs in December 2020 when she announced her role as the Global Brand Ambassador and Strategic Business Partner, and now, Kidman is launching 11 new products with the company. 

"I am so excited to introduce Seratopical Revolution, a full-body line that we’ve created from texture to scent. The products are incredibly high quality, but also affordable," the Big Little Lies star exclusively tells ET.

"The Harmony Face and Neck Toner is one of my personal favorites -- it’s become part of my daily routine. We've created these clean, natural plant-extract skincare products that really just feel good, and are incredibly hydrating. I hope people fall in love with Revolution the way I have," she continues.

To stand out from other brands, the line uses a propriety tri-peptide delivery system developed by CURE Pharmaceutical that drives the ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin.

"We saw a real need for alcohol-free, clean products that really worked. There are a lot of beauty companies that use clean ingredients. The problem is, they don’t use the proper delivery systems, and these very expensive ingredients are just laying on top of your skin and clogging your pores," Duitch shares.

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Other than being effective, Kidman wanted to create products that were meaningful to her. "Nicole has given her family and friends Seratopical products, and in the development phase, we sat down and discussed products she really wanted to see," the businesswoman says.

Must-have items from the line include the Loving Hands Essential Oil, Indulgence Brown Sugar Scrub, and Gleaming, all of which Kidman designed.

"Nicole played an integral part in creating a line we are all incredibly proud of. She is incredibly thoughtful and smart and is one of the hardest working women I know," Duitch notes.  

As far as summertime skincare regimens go, Duitch recommends paying extra attention to your neck and chest area. 

"Most people forget the décolletage area, and unfortunately like your hands, it really does not hide your age. ... Since everyone will be showing more skin this summer, our Dazzle Décolletage Firming Serum is perfect," she explains.



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