Niecy Nash and Her Wife Explain Their Matching Tattoos of Another Woman's Name

The "Dahmer" actress reveals the adorable mix-up that led to some permanent ink.

One simple mix-up led to some permanent ink for Niecy Nash and her wife, Jessica Betts. 

In a joint appearance on The Tamron Hall Show this week, the couple revealed that they have matching tattoos, not of each other's names, but of the name "Cora." Betts explained that the pair had a lapse in communication during the start of their relationship, when she asked Niecy about her real name. "She said Carol, but I heard her say Cora," Betts said. 

"I was calling her Cora for almost two years," Betts continued"One day, she said, 'Why do you call me Cora?' And I was like, 'That's your name!'"

"No, it's not!" Nash responded. "I thought it was something that the cool kids called each other in New York on the street!"

She continued, "I was like, 'My name is not Cora!' She was like, 'It is now!'" 

The 52-year-old Dahmer actress took to Instagram on Wednesday to share a video of Betts getting the ink on her neck on what appears to have been their anniversary. In another clip, Nash dances around in a bathing suit while flashing a thigh tattoo that reads "Mrs. Cora Betts." 

"It’s up and stuck…. JB, I’m Always & Forever your 'Cora,'" Nash captioned the cute video.

Earlier this year, Nash opened up to ET about her marriage and how having Betts' support gets her through her toughest days. 

"The thing that really restores me is having that connective tissue with my spouse," she said, recalling one particularly tiring day on the set of Don't Forget the Lyrics. While Nash hosts the FOX competition series, musician Betts plays in the game show's band.

"I remember I was really tired, and I had worked all day and my energy was low, and I remember she pulled me to the side and said, 'I'm gonna need you to pull up. You gotta finish strong, you got this...I'mma rub your feet when we get home. You got it. Come on,'" Nash recalls. "Having that support -- that's the thing that kinda helps me when I'm having a hard day." 

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