Niecy Nash On Wife Jessica Betts' Sweet Support and Their 'Turnt Up' Vacation Sex (Exclusive)

Nash spoke to ET about her and her wife's recent vacation and her new gig hosting 'Don't Forget the Lyrics.'

Niecy Nash's plate might be full but she has her wife's support to help her juggle it all! ET's Kevin Frazier spoke to Nash about her and Jessica Betts' relationship and her new hosting gig on FOX's Don't Forget the Lyrics.

"I try to eat the elephant one bite at a time," Nash said of the multiple hats she wears on and off set. "The thing that really restores me is having that connective tissue with my spouse."

She continued, "Even with Don't Forget the Lyrics, I remember I was really tired, and I had worked all day and my energy was low, and I remember she pulled me to the side and said, 'I'm gonna need you to pull up. You gotta finish strong, you got this...I'mma rub your feet when we get home. You got it. Come on.'"

Nash said having that support helps her get through those hard days.

"Having that support -- that's the thing that kinda helps me when I'm having a hard day," she shared.

The Rookie actress gives that support right back to Betts, telling ET that she just helped the singer with her latest music video.

"I just co-directed her new music video," Nash revealed before sharing that the pair have their creative differences when it comes to working together. "When she says that I'm a boss and that I don't take direction well I'm like, 'But I'm the director.' We find our cruising altitude and we have a lot of fun doing it. We love working together."

The couple also collaborated on Don't Forget the Lyrics. While Nash serves as host, she shared that Betts actually plays on the game show's band, which challenges contestants to recall the words to popular songs.

"She was actually a part of my band on this show," Nash shared. "I love it, because I like to flirt with her, but she takes her job so seriously, so every time I was like, wanting to play with her on camera she was very stoic and like, 'We are not doing this here, I am at work.'"

While the show is definitely a lot of work, Nash told ET that what she loves most about it, is being able to give contestants "bags of money." On the reboot of the early aughts series, lucky hopefuls will be competing for one million dollars -- a welcome lump sum amid a trying last couple of years during the pandemic.

"After going through this pandemic and, you know, the hardest parts of it, to be able to give people bags and bags of money for just remembering the lyrics to the songs that they sing in the car or in the shower -- man let me tell you," Nash said of her favorite part of hosting the show.

It's not all work for the pair. The couple, who are gearing up to celebrate their second wedding anniversary, just returned from Bora Bora, where Nash said they had quite the time.

"It was like heaven on earth," Nash gushed. "It's vacation, so you’re gonna be tan, you’re gonna have great drinks and vacation sex." 

"I mean, that’s different sex," the funny woman added. "That’s when it’s really turnt up."

See more on the couple in the video below and catch them working together on Don't Forget the Lyrics, when it premieres May 23 on FOX.