Niecy Nash Betts and Wife Jessica Playfully Fight Over Who's More Romantic (Exclusive)

The lovebirds joined ET in the Bahamas for a fun game of relationship Q&A.

Niecy Nash Betts and Jessica Betts are putting their love to the test -- or rather, a gentle, playful Q&A.

The lovebirds joined ET's Nischelle Turner at the Baha Mar Resort in the Bahamas -- from where Entertainment Tonight is broadcasting for the week -- and played a little game fielding questions about their romance.

"People always ask people who know us, 'What are they really like?' I'm like, what you see is what you get," Niecy said of her relationship, before gushing, "I married my best friend."

When asked who is the more adventurous between the pair, both agreed that it was Niecy who was looking for thrills.

"Yeah, she’s the adventure seeker," Jessica said. "I'm the chill one."

"Well, wait a minute, because last time we went on vacation, you jumped in the ocean with sting rays," Niecy responded. "And I didn't do it!"

When it comes to their on-vacation personalities, though, Jessica insisted that The Rookie: Feds star "is adventurous, she's actually fun, you know? She's fun to hang out with on vacation. We do a lot of water activities, we like snorkeling and getting on the boat."

Niecy said Jessica, however, is "relaxed and chill."

"She wants to lay on the boat," Niecy explained. "Definitely gotta hit the spa."

While the pair seem to be each other's yin and yang, that doesn't mean they don't occasionally disagree -- like when asked which of them is the most romantic.

"It’s a tie," Niecy said.

"I am," Jessica shot back. "I'm the most romantic."

"Honey, be honest!" Niecy replied. "Check the tape! Go look at the receipts. What happened for your birthday?"

Reluctantly, Jessica admitted that Niecy went all out, and the couple had a memorable celebration. But this was not about to end in a tie, because the receipts show -- time and again -- that Jessica is always showing Niecy mad love, and one just has to peruse either of their Instagram page to notice, like when Jessica showered Niecy with roses on her birthday in February.

And there's more celebration on the horizon. The pair are also making plans to celebrate their relationship with a vow renewal -- after tying the knot in a backyard ceremony during the pandemic in August 2020.

"We love so many people, but we couldn't have all the people we love there," Niecy recalled. "A lot of my better half's family is from Chicago, so a lot of them couldn't come out because we were in the pandemic... So I'm looking forward to doing the vow renewal."

The cute couple doesn't only vacation together but work together too. Niecy is the host of Fox's musical game show, Don't Forget the Lyrics, while Jessica is a member of the house band.

Fans can check out their dynamic for themselves in new episodes of Don't Forget the Lyrics, which airs Tuesdays on Fox.